Table 1a - 2014-2018 White Bean Variety Performance Trial, Long Season Area

Variety Days to
Yield (lbs/ac)1
Long Season
All Locations
St ThomasExeterWoodstock
5 Year4 Year3 Year2 Year 3 Year2 Year201820185 Year4 Year3 Year2 Year2018
AAC Shock 942,8122,8382,7802,9612,8772,8012,5883,4692,3942,4672,4172,8663,573
Bolt 942,7252,7732,8083,0822,8822,9202,9313,1782,5272,6412,6143,1964,161
Lightning 952,6812,6462,6492,8952,6182,5912,3243,1432,6162,6412,5583,0764,136
OAC Thunder 952,6792,6392,5742,8682,6642,8072,3973,3172,2942,3482,1842,7053,303
Fathom 972,8502,8602,8103,1032,9852,9293,1883,8202,3752,5202,4212,9174,107
Lighthouse 983,1713,1073,0983,4343,4823,5833,4723,6162,7132,6672,6213,1944,177
AAC Argosy 983,2143,1513,1363,4623,4793,6293,4843,6092,9542,9042,7043,2223,913
Nautica 982,9662,9573,0803,3943,4983,6363,2953,1522,7552,7302,7563,2723,970
T9905 983,1323,2013,2173,5843,6233,7344,2863,2922,9883,0042,9543,5804,459
Mist 983,0763,0252,9283,2283,2113,1373,4863,6622,7652,6942,4763,1033,926
Rexeter 1003,1133,0903,0513,2753,3263,3163,2183,4882,7592,6932,5513,1274,042
Apex 1003,1353,0723,0263,3823,2283,2312,7163,6302,8752,8712,7663,4094,185
Blizzard 101------------3,8513,434--------4,029
Indi 101------------3,8113,776--------4,319
DS105W0 103--3,1273,1703,6383,4793,7673,4643,425--2,9322,8633,6154,457
Average Yield (lbs/ac)1 2,963 2,960 2,948 3,2543,1813,2373,2343,4672,6682,7012,6073,1764,050
LSD (0.05)3 114146 170 230363476751345152186217271430

1 To convert lbs/acre to t/ha divide by 893.
2 Maturity is 3 year average. Maturity rating is affected by planting date and area where variety is being grown. Varieties are rated as mature when 95% of the pods are ripe. Normally, 3-10 additional drying days are needed before the crop is dry enough for combining.
3 LSD (0.05) - the LSD is a measure of variability within the trial. There is a ninety five percent probability that yields that differ by an amount greater than the LSD are different. Yields that differ by an amount less or equal to the LSD should be considered the same.

Long Season Testing Locations
St Thomas201820172016--2014

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