Explanation of Tables


To convert lbs/acre to t/ha divide by 893. Example: 2600 lbs/acre / 893 = 2.9 t/ha. One year data should be used with caution. Multiyear data is much better indicator of yield ability and stability of a variety. Only varieties with a yield difference greater than the LSD (explained below) should be considered different.

LSD (0.05)

The LSD is a measure of variability within the trial. There is a ninety percent probability that yields that differ by an amount greater than the LSD are different. Yields that differ by an amount less than or equal to the LSD should be considered to be equal.


A visual estimate at maturity of the standability of the crop. A value of 1 is equivalent to crop standing completely upright, while a 5 represents a crop entirely flat. Within a test area, varieties with lower values are less prone to lodging

Days from Planting to Maturity.

Maturity is affected by planting date and the area where a variety is being grown, and year. Multiyear maturity data should be used where available. Varieties are rated as being mature when 95% of the pods on the plants are ripe. Normally, 3-7 additional days of drying are required for the crop to be ready for combining.

Common Blight.

Common bacterial blight or CBB (Xanthomonas campestris pv. Phaseoli).