Ontario Pulse Crop Committee Research

2019 Research Presentations (PDF Format)

Tom Smith: UofG Bean Breeding Program University of Guelph Report (7,886KB)

Research Day Presentations March 23, 2012 (PDF Format)

Ali Navabi: Public Bean Breeding in Ontario: Research Update (3,524KB)

Tom Smith: UofG AAFC Bean Breeding Program University of Guelph Report (11,860KB)

Chris Gillard: Dry Bean Research Huron Station 2011 (227KB)

Peter Pauls: Bean Breeding, Molecular Genetics & Genomics (4,497KB)

Frederic Marsolais: Protein Chemistry of Dry Bean (894KB)

Kangfu Yu: Report on Molecular Marker Development and Application in AAFC Bean Breeding (1,349KB)

Xiaolu Zou: Genomics of Resistance to Xanthamonas axanopodis pv. Phaseoli in Common Bean (8,962KB)

Raja Khanal: Effect of Cultivar and Environment on Quality (3,940KB)

Peter Sikkema: Dry Beans Weed Management Research (1,237KB)


Utilizing synteny between common bean and soybean for molecular characterization of key genes for folate synthesis in common bean (447KB)

Towards Association Mapping of Seed Phenolics in Common Bean (1,476KB)

Characterization of Common Bean Dihydroflavonol 4-reductase Gene Paralogs (857KB)

Marker-assisted breeding for improving resistance to common bacterial blight in common bean (302KB)

Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Different Dry Bean Market Classes in Ontario (970KB)

The identification of candidate genes associated to CBB resistance in common bean using cDNA-AFLP (817KB)

Candidate gene markers associated to common bacterial blight resistance in common bean (1,973KB)

Association mapping of common bacterial blight resistance QTL in Ontario bean breeding populations (509KB)